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30 righe is a communications agency which projects and provides multitarget media products and services. We cover a broad range of specific topics and fields, including science, health, environment, energy, technology, research policy and education.

We daily gather and distribute science and health news through our online news bulletin 30righenews.it and publish special reports and in-depth topics on our dedicated web sites www.marescienza.it; www.terrascienza.it; www.climascienza.it e www.ciboscienza.it.
We are continously in touch with the main Italian media: we provide them with newspaper articles, news bulletins, special reports, in-depth analysis.

Among our main customers:
Agenzia Giornalistica Italia (Agi R&S and Agi Salute news bulletins);
Agenzia di stampa Apcom (Energia news bulletin);
Il Messaggero, (special reports on scientific topics)
Il Mattino, Il Gazzettino, L'Unità (science and health);
Il Riformista (energy and environment);
La Nuova Sardegna e Milano Finanza (nuclear);
La Repubblica (energy)
Il Fatto Quotidiano (health and research policy)
La Stampa (weekly scientific supplement Tutto Scienze)
Weekly and monthly magazines (Oggi, Io Donna, L'Espresso, Le Scienze, Mente e Cervello, Airone).

Our Rome-based team of talented and professional journalists enables us to focus sharply on the issues which really matter to our clients.

We also contribute to the building of communication strategies for the main Italian research agencies such as ASI, ENEA, INFN, CNR, INGV and several
universities (Politecnico di Milano, Università di Tor Vergata), academic networks (Cirten, Conisma) and international agencies, such as the European Space Agency (ESA).

Last but not least we also cooperate with the renowned University of Tor Vergata (Rome) to develop the management of their Master’s degree in Science and technology communication.



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